Custom wallet made from your glove!

Custom wallet made from your glove!

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Have a glove? Want a One of a Kind wallet? Send it to us! We will customize your glove into one of our signature wallets!

The three wallet styles available are the 3 pocket card wallet, a 2 pocket fold-over & a traditional billfold**.

Step 1. Choose which style you want.

Step 2. Send it to us and let us work our magic!

Step 3. When finished, we will mail you your custom baseball glove wallet!

Its that easy! 


Have a question or a request? Contact us!

**Catchers and 1st basemen mitts work best for billfold wallets, if you want to use a fielders glove please contact us before purchasing to discuss the size of the glove. Turn around time is currently 6-8 weeks. There may be a short break-in period for the pockets to form to your cards so expect a tight initial fit.

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